5 items under $20 i can’t live without

There exist these certain items that you buy, that change your life. Fortunately, some of these tiny treasures do not cost a fortune and also last a long, long time. I decided to round up 5 of my favorite finds (in no specific order) under $20 that they have made things better or easier for me!

Portable Charger

Everyone knows that dreaded feeling of your phone dropping to its last 1% and there’s no charger in sight. That’s where a portable charger comes super handy. I have been using mine for years and it has never let me down. Portable chargers are incredibly handy. This one fits perfectly in bags and pockets!

Card Wallet

There are times where I don’t need the contents of my entire wallet for where I’m headed. Other times I don’t want to carry a bag. In both of these instances, a card wallet is super useful. I bought one that looks exactly like this. It’s really thin and fits in tiny women’s pockets as well!

Silk Scrunchie

For someone with thick and frizzy hair like mine, a satin or silk scrunch is a must. Although it sounds unnecessarily fancy, I assure you it works. My hair never gets stuck in a knotted mess while tied with this scrunchie as it would with a regular hair tie. So worth the price tag!


This is a lifesaver in Canadian winters. My lips tend to get very chapped to the point they may tend to hurt. But ever since I started using Vaseline’s lip therapy lip balm, that issue is ancient history.

Aztec Secret Clay Mask

I saved the best for last. This deep-cleaning clay mask has worked wonders for my skin. Take it from me or the 8000 reviews on Amazon this product is a cult favorite and works on a range of skin types. Plus, you get 1-2lbs of powdered clay!