Chiara Boni's La Petite Robe Dazzles NYFW With Extravagant Elegance

Set in the heart of New York, a prestigious Soho venue, Chiara Boni’s La Petite Robe opened her SS20 collection with the iconic Pat Cleveland performing a marvelous dance number. Looking back at Chiara Boni’s La Petite Robe at NYFW, her theme of “Queen of Hearts” comes through distinctively. The elegant and ethereal collection takes inspiration from animalistic patterns and motifs and also pays homage to Malaysian Ikat patterns. We noticed that almost all of the pieces in this anthology accentuated the feminine figure with silhouettes that highlighted the waistline, combined with loose or flary counterparts.

Photo Credit: Darian DiCianno/

Within the collection the display of asymmetrical patterns and hemlines was evident, showcasing a variation of cuts that effortlessly came together in a cohesive outfit. Queen of Hearts is one to bring two parallels together in harmony. From glamorous and elegant to Texan and extravagant. It is a simultaneous integration of analogous concepts that amalgamate in an authentic, fluid, and sophisticated modus vivendi.

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