Claire Sulmers Debuts A Platform For Small Designers

Why did you choose to host a fashion show?

I created a platform for multicultural people and a marketplace for multicultural designers. This is my first event. And in the past Fashion Week seemed very intimidating to newcomers. We realized that we had so much talent around us and we wanted to give them a platform. For most of these designers, this is their first time at New York Fashion Week. When I was coming up, I didn’t have many people to pull me up, I want to be the person I wish I had when I was younger. Of course, we have some kinks to workouts of now, but I believe in our mission and know we can grow and evolve to the calibre of bigger designers.

Claire Sulmers

Where did you start and what advice do you have for others in that position?

I started 15 years ago with wanting to be involved in fashion but having no way in. I was working at a magazine as a researcher and reporter and I remember getting one standing invite to a show through that. It just so happened that there was an empty front-row seat and I managed to get it. I was sitting front-row and losing my mind and I made a blog post about it. I would hand out my business cards, collect other business cards and put people on my email list. And I just became known as the girl who was talking about people of colour in fashion, consistently. And I think because people of colour are so underserved in the fashion industry, we are able to be so successful. We are speaking to a marginalized and underserved audience. We’re giving the niche a platform. In the past, I got to sit with Beyoncé’s former hairstylist. These people are reaching the icons of our generation, but they don’t get recognition on the glossy pages. Fashion Bomb Daily is a home for them. I am really proud of everything we have accomplished.

What is the best way to get involved be it in the community or with your company?

Just DM us! We really give everyone a chance. Continue to cultivate your craft and be persistent and consistent. Adhere to a standard of excellence and we’ll find each other.

London Couture
What’s next for you?

We have an award ceremony called “The Fabbies” in December. And after that, we’re going to take this on the road. We will definitely be back for fashion week, but we want to take this to different locations and open it up to even more designers and markets.

Where can our readers find you?

Follow us on Instagram @fashionbombdaily where we just hit 2million followers! And of course, our websites and