F/W 2020 Libertine

Playful, irresistible, and infectious. Each piece in the Libertine FW20 collection embodied these three concepts with a “more is more” approach. Chatter among the audience before the show and the cheer and clapping during, said a lot about Libertine’s loud universal approach to design. The maximalist collection aimed to change the way we think of textile embellishment, through patchwork, portraits, and design.

Johnson Hartig, the mind behind Libertine embraces his spirited side, trying to bring joy and happiness with every look in this lineup. Each element of the show was meticulously crafted from the invite- two birds within a heart, one of which pecked and drew blood from cupid- to the drawn-out makeup and funky music.

Complete with all of Libertine’s signature elements we have come to love- the crystals, patches, layered silhouettes; each look screamed funky punk to grab your attention.

Photo: Isidore Montag / Gorunway.com

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