House of Aama debuts a utopian resort at NYFW SS21

On September 10th, 2021, I was given a glimpse into the world of Camp Aama- a fictional community that celebrated black culture and stories. The collection, titled “Salt Water” was an ode to the Atlantic ocean, a body of water that connected Africa to the United States and symbolized a victorious journey.

Set in a (fittingly) low-key room of the historic Freehand hotel in New York, Camp Aama garnered a polarizing mixture of awed silences and interludes of cheer as each “patron” walked down the wooden floorboards. The opening sequence started off with a flag bearer setting the tone for the rest of the show- what I perceived as a recreation of how black communities were able to form little pockets of utopia in a time of higher racial inequality and segregation. What followed was a lineup of garments that were so different from each other, yet somehow, came together cohesively. There was something for everyone at the resort. From nautical attire to beachwear and silk dresses, Salt Water was an exploration of silhouettes that I had rarely witnessed on people of colour.

The passion for storytelling informed by historical accuracy was blatant and unmissable and yet, it allowed each item to have its own moment of prominence. Every element of this production was so well thought out and executed from each visible seam, down to the seemingly random placement of a beach ball on the floor (which was later a passed prop in the presentation). The mother-daughter duo behind House of Aama successfully created a jolly and collaborative vibe during this debut presentation, and I truly think it was a highlight of Fashion Week.

Swipe through below to view the whole collection. Image Credits to Kayla Wagner