Loewe Debuts SS21 Show-In-A-Box

Let’s talk about Loewe’s Show-In-A-Box.

Amid the pandemic, brands have been scavenging for new ways to share their spring and summer collections. For Loewe, this presented an opportunity, “layering content activated through Instagram” Show-In-A-Box aims to create a unique user experience for their SS21 collection. As an ode to modern craft, it was an out-of-the-box idea- something that could be displayed at a museum.

Needless to say, for any fashion editor, receiving a box like this one was an engaging experience. Jonathan Anderson truly replaces the coveted fashion-week invite with a minimalist box, including inspiration notes, material references, assemblable boxes, a finger spinnable record, and a pop-up set; this personal approach gave the viewer a holistic view of what the collection would look like.

Although an incredibly creative approach that poses as a glimmer of hope during a time where runways have been derailed and collections scrapped altogether, I can’t help but consider the environmental impact of this display. In a time where fashion brands are rethinking the industry, the Show-In-a-Box comes across as wasteful. Rather than providing audiences with mounds of fabric and paper, the lack of fashion weeks should be a time to think of greater sustainable alternatives.

Still, considering the visionary approach, Loewe reimagines what it means to provide a holistic fashion experience, that strays away from the conventional digital runway. Overall, each item in the box needs to be touched, felt, or listened to, and gives the meaning of “Show-In-A-Box” a whole new level. The unusual, moving and brilliant display of this collection, overrides the reductive narrative of its sustainability.

The box acts as a time capsule of where we are in this pandemic and how fashion is seen in 2020. For a collection entirely inspired by circles, it’s amazing to see the box made of recyclable materials, coming into a full circle once it is done fulfilling its purpose. You can still access the experience on their website.

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