Love Island's Cashay And Cinco on Island Life

What was it first like when you entered the villas?

Cashay: Nerve-wracking. I did not know what to expect. But I ended up meeting some amazing girls within the first ten minutes of the show, so I knew it was going to be a good time.

Cinco: It was similar for me. Of course, there was a sense of anxiety going into it but I took it as an experience and wanted to come out of it a better person.

Did you feel like you got along with the other contestants?

Cashay: I feel like we immediately all clicked as a family. We just had the same energy and you just knew that every day was going to be a party. Even after the show, we’re still so close. And I’m so grateful for that because it could’ve been the opposite, it could’ve been the worst experience.

Cinco: I think so too! It was a pleasant surprise knowing that everybody was so wonderful.

Cashay and Cinco at The Bomb Fashion Show
Was there anything that the producers did not show, that you wish people knew more about?

Cashay: Our show was filmed 24/7 and then it is broken down into an hour. So there was a lot that wasn’t shown. I wish they showed more about our conversations so people can get more context before making a judgement. I don’t think I have one specific moment in mind though.

Cinco: For sure, they cut a lot out, but that’s just TV, right? I don’t have anything specific either but I wished they showed more of our personalities. The happy and sad moments and the reality of being on a show- other than the drama.

What was it like, being watched and filmed all the time?

Cashay: Honestly, you forget after a while because it just becomes your life. You don’t think about it after some time.

Cinco: Yeah, after the first two days I was pretty settled in.

What did you guys do after leaving the villa that you missed while you were inside?

Cashay: I missed calling my mom, talking to family members and drinking. Pretty much anything you do to live your life outside, you couldn’t do inside the villa.

Cinco: Drinking, food, family. Just having some solitude was great. It was nice to be free.

What’s next for you. Where do you see your career going after Love Island?

Cashay: I want to do everything. And I know that’s so broad but there’s so much I want to do in this life. Career-wise, I am a dancer, an actor, I do model and I want to continue that.

Cinco: I want to explore more on the side of fitness and developing a career in personal training.

For those of our readers that haven’t watched your season, where can they find you and follow you?

Cashay: My Instagram and Twitter are @cashayproudfoot

Cinco: My Instagram is @thetough_cinco